Duck Hunt

In the region of the Terres Rouges (the “Land of the Red Earth” - Fond-de-Gras/Lasauvage), this hunt in the great outdoors has been created to …

… help you to relax, unwind, and have fun. Enjoy an adventure aboard a steam train, then, at a bend in the track, you will disembark (almost) in the middle of nowhere, to start off on a hunt for clues, codes and riddles, the answers to which will help you to find your way and, slowly but surely, to arrive at the first checkpoint. To earn access to the next stage, you will have to pass tests and earn enough points to continue on your journey. Arriving at the rallying point, the hardest task remains to be performed, to find the famous Treasure ... The winning team will receive the trophy, and the others ... will simply have to console themselves as they can, (handkerchiefs provided)!

Duck Hunt
Price (reference only) : 2980,00€/excluding taxes on the basis of 40 people
Duration : +/- 4h00 – Ideal for a group of 20 to 100 people.

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