Disc Golf

This team building activity is accessible to all and played as by teams, using discs - similar to Frisbees - but...

... smaller and heavier. As the rules of Disc Golf are comparable with those of proper golf, you will have to throw the discs towards a target (a basket), which serves as the "hole". The tournament director will explain the rules of the game, good behaviour and courtesy and after a few practice throws you can start playing. The aim is to propel your disc from the start point to the basket in a minimum of disc throws. Each successive throw is made from where the disc stopped after the preceding throw. The score is determined by adding the number of throws made to reach the hole, plus penalty throws, and then by adding the scores for all the holes together. The winner is the player who finishes the entire course with the lowest score.

1… 2… 3… It’s your turn!

Disc Golf
Price (reference only) : 36.65€/excluding taxes /per person on the basis of 25 people.
Duration : +/- 2h00 – Ideal for a group of 9 to 50 people.

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