Archery: A sport for everybody!

To hit the target, you need to keep your cool, precision, and determination. Sheer force is useless, other qualities to keep improving however are important.

Archery is a sport of dexterity, easy to understand, playful and free of violence. Soon, you will be entranced by the healthy competition which builds itself among the core of your group. Everybody can understand the game, and be surprised by their capacity for concentration. You are on the lookout for a fun activity to be enjoyed by your coworkers? Archery is the ideal sport to face new challenges in full conviviality.

We will teach you the base knowledge required, the rules, and the techniques, and you will soon recognize how easy it is to hit your target, to improve shot after shot, and to eventually hit bullseye. Once you have mastered these techniques, you will work with your team to win the “Robin Hood” trophy!

Price (reference only) : 750€/excluding taxes/on the basis of 15 people.
Duration : +/- 2h00 – Ideal for a group of 15 to 80 people.

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