R2C Race

Speed, caution and nerves of steel are the key words for this team building activity which can take place both outdoors and in (on the indoor circuit in Strassen). The driver and co-driver must work closely together to optimise their performance, to master the car, to anticipate the dangers and to seek to improve their time, lap after lap. In the play-off heats the screw will tighten, to find the quarter-finalists, the semi-finalists and finally the winning team. However skilled you may be, it is team spirit which will lead you to victory, and the top step on the podium!

R2C Race
Price (reference only) : 42.15€/excluding taxes/per person on the basis of 25 people.
Duration : +/- 2h00 – Ideal for a group of 9 to 50 people.

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